The term ‘Durian’ has been derived from the Malay word ‘Duri’ which means thorn.

Durian is widely revered as ‘King of Fruits’ in the Southeast Asian countries. The tree is tropical in origin and belongs to the genus durio of Malvaceae, botanically known as Durio Zibe Thinus.

Durian is a seasonal fruit and is a distinctive for its large size, unique odour and a formidable thorn cover husk.

Durian fruit is rich in energy, minerals and vitamins. It is also free from cholesterol, a good source of nutritional Vitamin C and an excellent source benefiting B-Complex and contains a good amount of minerals*.

Durian fruit has been used as a flavour base in a wide variety of sweet edibles such as Dodol, Chendol, Ice Cream and traditionally added to Sayur, an Indonesian soup. Durian seeds too, can be eaten boiled or roasted.

Although the odour of the Durian is strong and pervasive, but once a person eats it, he or she can be sure to get addicted.

Products of Durian

Due to the increasing market demand, in countries like China, Hong Kong & Macau, and to some as far as Australia and Europe, the hygienic packing has been shifted by adopting vacuum pack kept in frozen state for export. This simple but hygienic technology has been able to prolong the Durian pulps for a much longer period and yet still able to maintain its freshness.

To supplement the limited production due to high demand over supply during non-seasonal period, and to encourage more Durian lovers locally and internationally, products of Durian too have also been receiving very high demand and popularity. These products of Durian could also be served as a stepping stone for those who have yet to acquire the taste.

We therefore welcome existing Durian lovers to try or shift to our premium Frozen Durian Pulps and potential Durian lovers too to try our Durian products or ‘oleh oleh’ ie a popular Indonesian term for gifts or souvenirs.

*Disclaimer: The above are extracted from some articles/researches and SHOULD NOT be regarded or used as medical advice.