Durian (D24) Mochi

Made up of 100% natural durian. It is akin a piece of heaven on Earth and definitely a ‘must-try’.

Frozen Musang King (Pulps)

Musang King, a durian species in today context has been widely recognised as Kings of the Kings.

Durian Pancake

Made from 100% natural durian of species D24. It contained 6 pieces/pack and weigh 180 grams. It is cholesterol free and provides energy.

Durian Pie (Musang King)

Premium Durian species is Musang King. The species is known and recognised as ‘King of Fruits’. Species from Malaysia always have that extraordinary quality, taste, smell and nutrition.

Durian Puree

This Durian puree upon opening its cover, one could smell the durian aroma of it. Surely ‘mmm wow’ when the puree reaches your mouth.

Durian Bar (Musang King)

Freeze dried musang king Durian bar. Direct consumption as healthy snack. Blended into powder and used as natural Durian flavouring into dessert or bakery products.

Durian Dodol

Durian dodol has been a long traditional and favourite stuff, sweet delicacies for the old and young and also a frequent gifts bought home.

Durian Flavoured Waffle Crepes

It is a 1cm x 2cm x 0.5cm Durian flavour products that can serve for both adults and young as a relaxing snack.

Durian Flavoured Waffle Rolls

Waffle Rolls are added with Durian flavours and it contains 510kJ/100 gram. It provide a carbohydrate level of 79 gram and 5 gram of protein. Worth a bite!

Durian Parfait

Contained durian filling, biscuit and vanilla flavour. Weighing 60grams/cup it is popular dessert to go with after meal or at leisure.

Durian Chocolate (Praline/Tiramisu)

Each chocolate is filled with rich creamy Musang King Durian. Musang King is recognised worldwide as Kings of the King.

Durian White Coffee

A potential threat to the usual coffee lovers. This Durian flavoured white coffee should never be a miss to Durian enthusiasts.

Durian Ice-cream

‘Yum-yum’ durian ice cream. Casual walkaway with one on your hand and chat or leisure your way along.

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